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E Challan Status: Pay Challan Online

As we know that India is moving towards digital technology and it is the fastest country that is moving towards becoming a complete digital country. So in India, everything is going to be completely digitized however with the advanced technology India traffic department is also getting enhanced and still using the latest advanced technology. In today’s era traffic police are also dealing with the highly advanced technology For rash drivers. This is because every straight not only traffic police will catch you if you are breaking the traffic rules but cameras that are placed in the street are also caught. In this article, we are going to discuss how to pay E-Challan. how to check E-Challan status and all the information related to e challan so for that already us read this article carefully and grab all important and relevant information provided in this article related to e Challan status.

E-Challan Payment
Before going in deep we must know about what is E-Challan and how this name term as E-Challan? e challan is a type of challan where it is to be sent over the online process. Before E-Challan launched people will go to a specific place and do payment of their own challan but now today people no need to visit any place they just sit on their mobile and pay their challan payment. Let’s go in-depth and understand about E-Challan in detail.

What is E-Challan?
It is a type of highly advanced web application that can be portable to any type of device and any web interface with any type of resolution. This web-based application is highly responsive. The same application is connected with Vahan and Sarathi applications. Not only the E-challan process is to be done in this application but there are a lot of things present in this application such as the significant use of the Traffic Enforcement System. This E-Challan process is not only to save paper but with this process under the table, the money process will also stop. Now let’s move ahead with Key points of E-Challan Status.

Key Points Of E-Challan Status

Article aboutE-Challan Status
Name of the portalE-Challan – Digital Traffic/Transport Enforcement Solution
Launched byGovernment of India
Launched forCitizens of the country

What are the objectives of E-Challanstatus?
According to the Government of India, they want to do some Challan process in an easier way and make it less haptic so that each and every person of this country is able to pay challan with the help of an online medium. Before this E Challan process, people visit certain places and stand in a line to wait for their turn outside the Court or police station. After this, the challan process starts submission of fine or Penalty while breaking the traffic rules. Check out the image given below of E-Challan.

E-Challan Status

What is the Process to check E-Challan Status?

In this section, we are going to discuss the complete process of checking E-Challan status. Now the user needs to follow all the states which are given below.

  • If any user wants to check E-Challan status then the user needs to go to the official website of E-Challan digital.
  • Now homepage of the E-Challan official website has been displayed in front of the user’s screen. no user needs to click on the “ check challan status” option which is displayed in the menu bar.
  • After submitting all the credentials which are required to check your vehicle E-Challan in your page appear in front of the user screen and that user needs to fill in the given details below. The user needs to choose any one details which are given below.
    • Challan Number OR
    • Vehicle Number OR
    • DL Number
  • After entering anyone’s details, the user needs to enter a captcha code which is for security purposes. Then the user needs to hit the “Submit ” button after entering the correct details. Check out the image which is given below for your reference.
E-Challan Status
  • After login into challan details successfully a new web page appears in front of the user. Check out the image given below.
e challan
  • No user needs to click on the get details option after that all information related to that Challan has been displayed on the screen.

Second step

  • After seeing all the details the user needs to pay a certain amount of money e that has been applied as a Penalty by the Indian government after Breaking the traffic rule. For that user needs to click on the “ pay now” option.
  • Now the user needs to choose a payment gateway option to pay a certain amount of money with the help of online mode.
  • After completing payment options successfully act payment receipt will be generated of that challan. check out the image given below of the payment receipt off E-Challan.
Traffic police uttar pradesh

How many payment modes are present in E-Challan?
According to our genetic information, almost all types of payment modes are available in E-Challan. applicants can pay their challan with the help of online mode as well as offline mode. For that user needs to follow the steps which are given below for both modes.

For online mode
In online payment, mode payment can be done with the help of two ways of any E-Challan. The first method is the user can visit the official website of the department and another method is via the number online payment module.

Method 1

  • For that, users need to visit the official website. For That, all the steps are given above till reaching the payment gateway.
  • After reaching the Pay now option successfully the user needs to click on the pay option after that a new page will appear in front of the user.
  • Now the user will get all the details of the payment mode. Such as the user needs to choose any one option according to the user requirements.
    • UPI Payment
    • Debit card
    • Credit card
    • Net banking

Method second Offline mode

  • In this method, the user needs to visit the nearest police station or nearby court.

What are the core benefits of the E- Challan?
Users need to understand all the benefits of the E- Challan in this section and all are discussed step by step below.

  • A good and great example has been placed of the latest technology that can be used and is so effective. and putting a step ahead for utilization research in the trafficking framework.
  • In terms of security providing a suitable traffic order and Street security across all the streets throughout the nation.
  • It will also show dependability and straightforwardness after connecting the complete framework under one process.
  • With the help of Automatic E-Challan detection will provide guaranteed productivity for all types of clients.
  • All records to be kept 100% utilizations and also provide deformation after saving paper.
  • There will be no copy to be kept to deduct challan.
  • Help for the Indian government generates accurate constant road safety data.

How to check Pending Transaction Details of E-Challan?
If any user is not able to complete the E-Challan fine then the user needs to Transaction all these details. Such as all of these details can be checked after following all the steps given below.

  • To check all pending E-Challan Status the user needs to visit its official website.
  • The user needs to click on the direct link to reach the official website then the user needs to click here.
  • In front of the user, the official website home page appears in front of the user.
  • Then the user needs to click on the “Check pending transaction” option present on the screen. Check out the image given below for pending translation.
  • The page will be displayed as the above image in that the user needs to enter all the details related to their vehicle.
  • After that user needs to click on the “Get Details option”.
  • All pending translations will be displayed in front of a user computer screen. Now all these pending details users need to enter.

List of Traffic Violation & Fines in India:

Traffic rules violatedFine amount
Drunk drivingRs. 10,000
Overloading pillion ridersRs. 2,000 plus license scrapped for three months
Over speedingRs. 1,000 for lmvrs. 2,000 for MMV
Dangerous drivingRs. 5,000
Driving without licenseRs. 5,000
Driving without insuranceRs. 2,000
Signal jumpingRs. 1,000 plus license scrapping for three months
Riding without helmetRs. 1,000 plus license scrapping for three months
Riding without permitUp to rs. 10,000
Juvenile drivingRs. 25,000 with three years of imprisonment of guardian or owner